Rich RosenzweigRichard H. Rosenzweig is an internationally recognized expert on energy and environmental policy and markets who has served in senior roles in government and the private sector. Rich created one of Washington, DC’s largest independent public affairs firms and several successful consulting practices, and served as chief of staff to the U.S. Secretary of Energy. He helped to develop and manage the one of the world’s largest private sector asset management firms specializing in the global carbon markets, enabling industrial firms to comply with emission-reduction targets and helping financial investors deploy capital in an emerging asset class.

Rich has been a leading voice on climate policy and carbon markets for more than two decades. Today he is a consultant, author and university professor focused on energy and climate change, the role of government and private enterprise in addressing these challenges and the policies that can effectively mitigate climate related risks.

His 2016 book, “Global Climate Change Policy and Carbon Markets: Transition to a New Era,” examines the successes and failures of climate policy and carbon markets in reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the past quarter of a century and recommends steps for successful policymaking in the post-Kyoto era. Hailed for its insightful and candid assessment of climate policy over the past 25 years, the book is essential reading for government officials, business managers and board directors who are involved in the gritty day-to-day task of crafting effective responses to climate change, and the environmental, research and philanthropic communities engaged in the policy-making process.

Rich has played a leading role in the development and implementation of market-based strategies to address environmental challenges, first as chief of staff to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, consulting with companies developing responses to climate change and later as a Chief Operating Officer of Natsource, an innovative emissions asset management firm.

Natsource was one of the world’s leading participants in the carbon markets established by the Kyoto Protocol. The firm enjoyed rapid growth and became the world’s largest private-sector purchaser of carbon-emission credits on behalf of its investors, deploying over $1 billion in the markets. Rich served in a variety of senior leadership positions at the firm, mainly as Chief Operating Officer, where he was responsible for developing new products, implementing the firm’s strategy and overseeing its business units.

Prior to joining Natsource, Rich was a principal in Van Ness Feldman, one of Washington’s leading energy and environmental law firms, where he established a successful energy, clean air and climate change practice. Early in his career, Rich was a founder of the Madison Public Affairs Group, one of the largest independent public affairs firms in Washington, DC.

Today Rich is a Senior Advisor on climate change for the Partnership for Global Security, where he assists with the implementation of the Global Nexus Initiative (GNI), a program exploring the linkages among climate change, the expansion of nuclear power, and global security. The goal of the GNI is to develop policy solutions to ensure the safe and secure use of nuclear energy, support economic vitality and protect people and the environment. He also serves on the steering group of the Paris Implications Project, an initiative of the Joint Global Change Research Institute designed to determine the environmental, economic and energy implications of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

In addition to his consulting practice, Rich is an adjunct Professor in American University’s School of Public Affairs, where he currently teaches about the changing nature of political parties, interest groups and lobbying in American politics and the ways in which they shape government policy.

Rich holds a B.A. from Northeastern University and an M.A. in Political Science from American University. He lives in Washington, DC.