Climate and Energy Solutions for Business, Foundations and Non-Governmental Organizations

Global climate change is the most daunting energy and environmental challenge ever confronted by civil society and policy-makers. It is already affecting the bottom-lines and brands of businesses around the world. New thinking is required to mitigate the economic, environmental and business risks associated with climate change and to create new opportunities in a carbon-constrained world. Achieving this requires a fresh approach – one that combines a deep understanding of the energy system and first-hand knowledge of market dynamics, regulation and government policy, and the development and deployment of technology.

National governments and the international community have struggled for the past quarter of a century to put policies in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Paris agreement on climate change has ushered in a new era of international and domestic policy-making that will impact the remainder of the 21st century. All stakeholders must show the foresight to anticipate, respond and shape these efforts to prosper in this new environment. That is where we come in.

Corporations, industry groups, the philanthropic and the environmental community turn to us for thoughtful solutions to assist them to create robust, enduring long-term solutions that look beyond the next election cycle or rule-making period.

Our services include the following:

Strategy development

We work with clients to assist them develop a comprehensive strategy to meet their climate, energy and environmental challenges. Doing so requires a critical assessment of their goals, and an evaluation of the success of current investments and programs in achieving them. We help business evaluate whether their climate change strategies are effective and advancing their bottom lines and brand objectives. For philanthropic organizations, we help determine if their goals are practical, achievable and whether grant programs are having the desired effects.

Our approach takes an in-depth view, incorporating factors such as the impact of ongoing policy and regulatory requirements, scenarios for change, the role of emerging technologies, economic and markets trends, and political climate in the US and abroad.


Facilitation is a tool that can be used to achieve many objectives. It can be used to bring together corporate leadership to agree to validate or revise its strategic vision and to develop new policies and processes to achieve it. Effective facilitation can also enable leaders to better understand the needs of their customers and other stakeholders. Foundations can sit down with their grantees to grasp the environment they are operating in. Bringing diverse interests together can also create consensus on important public policy issues.

We work with our clients to develop goals for meetings and workshops, design effective agendas and programs, facilitate them, and promote the aggressive follow-up necessary to ensure results.

Policy analysis and formulation

We use our decades of experience in government, business and working with the research community to analyze existing and proposed public policies on a client’s bottom line and the markets in which they are operating. This information is used to inform private sector clients’ internal strategy, and to develop and communicate workable alternatives to targeted audiences. The quality of this information and in depth knowledge is also used by foundations to ensure their programs are on target and achieve results.


The ability to develop effective responses to fast-moving proposals to mitigate climate change, to operate in a rapidly changing economic and political environment, and to anticipate market trends requires in-depth research. We support clients in these efforts by using our expertise to undertake focused, relevant research.

Venture services

Based on our knowledge of climate policy, markets and political trends, we often identify opportunities to assist clients create economic value and opportunities while simultaneously achieving a myriad of other objectives. We accomplish this by using our relationships to recommend potential partnerships and catalyzing resources to recommend new opportunities to further business, philanthropic, environmental and brand objectives.